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The Principles of Riding

The Principles of Riding

ArtNr.: 1090

Completely revised edition 1997, Paperback edition 2003
192 pages with a lot of illustrations
168 x 240 mm

"The Principles of Riding" is the English translation of the official instruction manual of the German National Equestrian Federation. It provides a complete basic instruction course for horse and rider, using the German training system.

Based on the principles of classical horsemanship, the German training method is clear, logical and thorough. It ensures that the horse receives a training that is both fair and appropriate to his equine nature, and enables the rider to enjoy and understand his sport and to practise it safely.

This new edition has been fully revised and re-illustrated. There is increased emphasis on the psychological aspects of the horse-and-rider relationship. Also, the sections on jumping and cross-country have been expanded to reflect the importance of all-round training.

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